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What is Arestin®?

Arestin® is a dental antibiotic developed specifically to treat gum disease. It acts to destroy the bacteria associated with gum disease, and it's usually applied during deep cleaning procedures like root scaling and planing to ensure all of the harmful bacteria have been removed. Unlike liquid antibiotic solutions, Arestin® uses a special gel formulation that contains tiny microspheres of antibiotics. These tiny spheres release antibiotic medication over time to provide long-term action and kill new bacteria while the area heals. Plus, because Arestin® is applied directly to the areas affected by gum disease, it can begin working faster and more effectively than antibiotics that are taken orally and must be transported to the gums via the bloodstream.

How is Arestin® applied?

Arestin® uses a special applicator to help reach deep areas around the tooth root. The gel formulation enables the antibiotic to cling to roots and other areas so it has time to do its job where it's needed most. In most cases, Arestin® is applied below the gum line and around the roots following root scaling and planing, but it can also be used during regular periodontal treatments including routine cleanings to help prevent bacterial buildup, especially in patients who had had advanced gum disease.

Does Arestin® need to be rinsed off following treatment?

No, Arestin® remains in place so it can dissolve on its own and continue to kill harmful bacteria over time. Since it's administered below the gum line away from saliva, it has ample time to be absorbed.

Will I have Arestin® after every cleaning?

No, Arestin® is used for patients who have significant, advanced gum disease or are at risk for developing significant gum disease. Patients with no signs of gum disease or in the very earliest stages of disease will not need Arestin®.

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